Thank you for creating a forever home by becoming an adoptive parent. While traveling along your adoptive journey, you may find a need for additional resources and support, such as: questions about subsidy, Medical/Medicaid concerns, tuition waivers, etc…. If that’s the case, we’re here to help!

The fastest way to receive assistance is to complete the intake form to the right and a member of our Post Adoption team will be happy to assist you.

Post Adoption Intake Form

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Is yours the family we’re looking for?

Dedicated to finding the best homes for our kids, we start with familiar circles of family, friends and neighbors and then reach out to the communities in which they live. Currently, we are looking for qualified, loving and supportive individuals and families interested in adopting:

  • Teens
  • Sibling groups
  • Children or teens needing medical or emotional support

Whether you’ve made the decision to adopt or would like to learn more, complete the prospective parent information form for the child you are interested in learning more about.

Why adopt through Family Support Services?

  • We give every adoptive family the personalized attention they need and deserve.
  • We look for families whose lifestyles and interests will best match with our adoptable children.
  • We provide ongoing, child-specific training and support.
  • We offer guidance and resources throughout the adoption process and for many years to follow.

5 steps to becoming an adoptive parent 

  1. Attend an orientation session
  2. Complete training    
  3. Complete a thorough home study
  4. Complete background, employment, and reference checks
  5. Get matched with a child or children

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Resources for Adoptive Parents 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the requirements to become an adoptive parent?

    You must:

    • Be at least 21 years old
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Pass a background screening
    • Complete the adoptive home application
    • Complete a home study and in-person interview

    Qualified adults can be approved to adopt, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation, age, gender, home ownership or income level.

  • How much does it cost to adopt a child from foster care?

    There is no adoption fee or fees related to pre-adoptive training, home studies or placement. You may incur attorney fees and court costs, which may be reimbursed by the state. Other one-time fees, which may also be reimbursed, are birth certificate fees and travel expenses relating to child visitation.

  • Who are the children that need families?

    Most of the children waiting for a forever family are local teens, siblings, and those with medical needs.

    Children available for adoption can range in age from 0 to 17. Often, the current caregiver (foster care parent or relative) of a child does adopt the child, so there are fewer newborns, toddlers and children under 5 needing an adoptive family.

  • Is becoming a foster parent required in order to adopt?

    No, however, many foster parents are able to adopt children who are placed in their home.

  • Can I adopt a child outside of our county?

    Once the adoption requirements are completed, and your adoption home study is approved, you may search for adoptable children anywhere in the U.S.

  • Is help available after I adopt?

    Yes, our post-adoption services help families before, during and after adoption. Email

Family Preservation

Our focus in the community centers around strengthening families through in-home services, emergency assistance and community resources, in an attempt to help prevent child abuse and keep children out of foster care.
We offer programs and in-home training for parenting, life skills, financial management, and coping.

Foster a Child

Children and teens who are in foster care live right here in our community. They come into our care because they’ve experienced a negative family situation, trauma, abuse or neglect. While we work with parents to resolve issues and overcome challenges, with a goal of reuniting them with their kids, the children need a safe, stable and caring place to live.